Subscriber Privacy

At CleanTechnica, we seek to be fully transparent about our data practices and their privacy implications, including as they relate to our individual members.

When you choose to subscribe to CleanTechnica, you are opting to share with us some of your personal information. Here is how we use and protect it:

We publish the names of ambassador. This is because we believe it is important as a news organization to be transparent about our sources of funding. This disclosure threshold is also in keeping with standards set by the Institute for Nonprofit News. If you do not wish to have your name published, we invite you to subscribe for other plans.

When you subscribe, even in cases where your name is not published, your information is visible to select agents, affiliates, and staff. We keep both of these groups as small as possible and strive to control access within our organization and in the relationships we establish.

Subscribers information is shared with several systems we use to provide our membership program: We use Paypal to process subscriber payments. Your credit card information is handled in a manner compliant with PCI DSS — Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
We are not in the business of selling your personal information.

We seek to use reasonable organizational, technical, and administrative measures to secure your personal information, internally and with agents.

Aside from the disclosures above, subscribers are provided the same privacy when visiting CleanTechnica as any other reader.