Live better and save more with ecobee3 lite. With its beautiful design, easy-to-use touchscreen display and impressive average savings of 23% annually on heating & cooling, the ecobee3 lite will make your home smarter and more comfortable without costing you or our planet.

Smarter Comfort
Your ecobee understands your local weather, schedule and desired comfort settings, to ensure your home is at the right temperature at the right time.
Personal Energy Reports
Get free monthly reports on how much energy you’ve saved and tips on how you can save even more.
Peace of Mind
Your ecobee monitors your heating and cooling systems and alerts you if it senses that something isn’t working properly.
Fast, easy installation
Install your ecobee in 30 minutes or less.

Works with Apple Home Kit, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Wink and more.
Compatible heating and cooling systems:
– Conventional (2H/2C).

– Heat pump (4H/2C) incl. 2-stage auxiliary heat.

– Gas, oil, electric.

– Dual fuel support.

– Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Ventilator, HRV or ERV

Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat User Reviews

  1. Wired it myself and everything went pretty smoothly. I had four wires to figure out, but they sent me a ‘wiring guide’ which made it easy. So far so good!

  2. I’ve owned two Nests, so I’m pretty familiar with the realm of smart thermostats. I like that the Ecobee seems to be more data driven and let’s you chart your energy usage over time. Nest doesn’t have this function (yet). But I do think that some aspects of the Ecobee thermostat seem to be a bit more cheaply made. I suppose I’m still a bit on the fence between the two, but I’ve only had my Ecobee for a week now. Time will tell!

  3. Definitely the best smart-thermostat bargain on the market right now! It’s only ‘semi-smart’, but you get a great bang for your buck with the Ecobee3 Lite. It doesn’t have a remote sensor or anything fancy like most of the other ones, but it still gets the job done and I’d heartily recommend one to anyone looking for a less expensive option.

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