Populo Bikes Blitz Electric Scooter 36V/14.5Ah 350W Motor 18MPH & Easy Fold-N-Carry Design, Black, One Size

•Trigger throttle and Select 1 of 5 power modes on LCD display
•10 inch tires with front & rear disc brakes
•Recharge time: 3 hours
•Top speed: 18Mph with 350W rear-mounted gearless Direct drive motor
•Range: 3hrs or 20 miles of range with 36V/14.5Ah battery

Product description

Our blitz electric scooter is the perfect transportation tool for urban commuters, errands, or college campuses. Blitz speeds you to your destination using a powerful, quiet 350W motor and lithium-ion battery system. You dial in the speed by selecting one of 5 modes from economy to power and then pull the trigger throttle to engage the motor. Blitz easily adjusts to suit riders of varying heights using a height-adjustable handlebar, so the whole family can ride. It’s light enough to fold and easily lift into the trunk of a car, or carry upstairs to a second floor apartment. The deck features a grippy surface for traction and both front and rear tires are air/pneumatic for comfort and control compared to other scooters which use solid rubber tires. Before taking a trip, think “do i really need a car for this” many trips are close to home or office, and well within the range of an electric scooter. Electric scooters like the populo blitz are an emission-free, environmentally sensitive choice too, so you can feel good about reducing tailpipe emissions and keeping a car off the road. And you’ll save money on gas and insurance too! thanks to the folding design you can store blitz under a desk, in a coat closet, or even on PUBLIC transportation like a bus, ferry, or train. We’ve even included special touches like an integrated, handlebar-mounted bell for courtesy; and a kickstand for convenience.

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