Ancheer S800 Electric Scooter with Retractable Seat | Easy-Fold-n-Portable Ultra-Lightweight City Urban Commuter Adult E-Scooter/E-Bike/Electric Bike

Looking for something snappy? The Ancheer S800 is not for the timid or unbalanced, but it is a fun ride. With a top speed of 21 miles per hour and a range of 20 – 25 miles, it’s perfect for an inner city commuter. It has a retractable seat, giving you the best of both worlds, but can be tricky to adjust. You should note: the Ancheer S800 requires a kick-start to get the battery going. Once you’ve walked the scooter briefly, you can hit the trigger and ride. All in all, a fantastic option.

FEATURES: The E-Scooter/E-Bike featuring USB Charger, headlight, rear reflector, horn, multifunction electronic HD LCD Display that shows speed, battery level, mileage, phone charge, cruise mode, temperature range
USB Charger: The E-Scooter featuring USB phone charging port which enables you to charge your electronic devices while you ride. Great for sport & fitness,entertainment,traveling,shopping and city commuting. Perfect “last mile” solution for city transportatio
POWERFUL: The commuter electric scooter has 350W Motors that help it climb over ramp of 20° Shope, Plus the built-in 5-hour fast-charging technology. Cruising max speed of 21.8 mph (35km/h) with a run-time of up to 120 minutes of continuous use for riders up to 330 lbs(150kg). Generally have a range of about 35-40 km (21.8-25 mile).
COMPACT: It’s a 1-Seconds Easy-Folding Electric Scooter/Bike so that it is super easy to lift, fold and take anywhere you need; it can be conveniently stored in a car, car trunk, RV, boat, classroom, Uber, bus, or train. 1 Year Warranty-US warehouse in stock
GO ANYWHERE: Features Hand Operated Rear Drum Brake, Front Suspension System, also comes with extra wide 8-inch honeycomb puncture proof tires for all- terrain purposes. Along with Rear Located Turning Light and Brake Light and a Retractable/Height Adjustable Thick Padded Seat that offers a comfortable and pleasant riding experience. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand, gravel, slope, obstacles, ceramic tiles,on the board built to do more


The Ancheer S800 User Reviews

  1. My favorite electric scooter by far. I’ve tried a few others, but this one is super flexible and reliable. I use it more as a bike with the seat, but you can change it whenever you want.

  2. Great scooter! Gets me to work, saves me a long walk. Only problem is the weight… it’s so heavy! It’s also very long, difficult to fit into my trunk. Something to keep in mind!

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