Ancheer S600 Electric Scooter | Foldable Portable Electric Bike/E-scooter with Dual Suspension, Front EABS & Rear Drum Brake and Rechargeable 20000+ Cycle Lithium-Ion Battery

High Speed & Powerful

The S600 Commuter Electric Scooter is a durable, practical tool to cut your commuting time and effort and an ideal transportation tool for students, city/urban residents, outlying parking lots, and for running errands, sightseeing and just getting around your neighborhood.

•10+ Mils per charge–Never worry about juice until you’re safely back home
•12.43 Miles Per Hour(maxi speed-12.43 mph/20Kmh)– The safest and most comfortable speed
•36V 250W brushless electric hub motor–Powerful
•Up to 220 lbs–High load capacity
•20000+ cycles (5-8 years) battery cycle life
•Rechargeable lithium Ion 36V, 5AH–High capacity, clean, quiet
•Extra wide 8-inch puncture proof, never-flat rubber front solid tire and Inflatable rear tire with Dual Suspension, reduce vibration and offer you the smoothest ride. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand, gravel, slope, obstacles, ceramic tiles,on the board built to do more.

Hand Operated Front Electric Anti-Lock Braking System (EABS) and Rear Drum Brake

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): The folable electric scooter with hand operated front electric anti-lock braking system and rear drum brake. The braking is smooth and secure with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) safely located inside the rear brushless hub motor for safe riding.
Self Power-Cutting Function: The brake have Self Power-Cutting Function, which means that, after braking, the battery will stop supplying electricity to motor.
Twist Grip Trottle Hand Operated: The rear Drum Brake is acted through friction according to signals transmitted by brake lever on left hand. The tighter you grasp, the better the braking effect. On the right handlebar, a twist-grip accelerator makes it go; On the left handlebar, a twist-grip brake makes it stop.


The Ancheer S600 User Reviews

  1. Not happy with the range. States at least 15km battery charge time and has trouble going beyond 4-5km.

    For a scooter design to commute the range is one of the more important things to get right. It might work
    if you have to take another mode of transportation and use this in between.Everything else about it is
    okay. Rides just fine and the speed is good. It can handle a fair bit of weight and doesn’t look half bad.
    It’s not heavy at all either. I can carry it around with no problem. I just wish it could go further.

    It could be an option for a gift instead of something like a commute. In fact I’m probably going to gift it
    to a family member and buy something more reliable. Honestly would still be a good commute scooter if it
    could go further.

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