SWAGTRON Swagger Pro Adult Electric Scooter with Extended Range, Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body; Easy Fold-N-Carry Design (Black)

EXTENDED RANGE – The Swagger Pro e-scooter has an extended 5-18 mile range so you can travel further than before
FOLDS EASILY – This Motorized Scooter folds down in just a couple clicks for easy storage when you’re not using it
FASTER THAN EVER – A 250-watt motor propels the motor-scooter to a maximum speed of 16 MPH
ECO FRIENDLY – The Swagger Pro is 100% electric and produces absolutely no emissions, helping save the environment
CHECK BATTERY LIFE – The Swagger Pro allows you to check out battery life and check on your speed directly from the dashboard

Product description

Take your swagger to the max with the Swagger Pro electrical scooter. The Swagger Pro e-scooter uses a 24v lithium-ion battery measured at 155 WH that can take this scooter further than ever before with a range of 5-18 miles. This 5-speed 250-watt motor also travels at speeds of up to 16 MPH, and features powerful front wheel shock absorption for a silky smooth ride no matter what terrain you’re traveling on.

With the SWAGTRON motorized scooter, feel the breeze in your hair and the swagger at your feet as you zip down the subway or travel down the sidewalk on your way to school.

The Swagger power scooter is both cost-efficient and better for the environment as it is completely 100% electric. The Swagger Pro also features a sleek, carbon fiber frame that weighs just 16 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to transport around. The Swagger comes around with a collapsible frame that folds in just one touch, making it both portable and easy to store.

While bike commuters go through the hassle of locking their bikes outside, Swagger Pro riders can simply fold up their scooter and bring it in with them. The Swagger Pro collapsible scooter also utilizes safety features such as dual brakes in order to keep you safe while you ride.

The Swagger Pro folding scooter helps turn your ordinary commute into an extraordinary adventure. Travel 5-18 whole miles (depending on rider weight and terrain) and get your swag on. The Swagger Pro comes with a LCD display that shows speed, distance, and remaining battery life. Each Swagger Pro also comes with an ultra-bright LED headlight for unparalleled visibility. For longer rides, activate built-in cruise control, and take a break as front wheel suspension helps you float over cracked sidewalks and uneven streets.

Note: Max speed and duration were obtained through continuous lab tests under ideal conditions. Actual performance may be reduced based on a variety of factors.


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