NEW: Speedway Mini4 Pro, 500 Watt Electric Scooter, 36lb, Up to 40 Miles Range, 15.6Ah, 48V, 748Wh

•VALUE: Best Performance/Price of any adult scooter in this class being made today
•POWER & SPEED: Fitted with a 500W motor which can shuttle you along at a top speed of 28MPH
•RANGE: the 748Wh, 48V 15.6Ah compact lithium polymer battery pack has a maximum range of 40 miles
•PRACTICAL: this Scooter weighs only 36lbs. It is exceptional in the power/weight category over the competition
•OTHER FEATURES: built-in dual front headlights & a braking light for night riding. Cruising control, configurable ride modes, combined electrical (regenerative) & mechanical drum-brake

Product description

Speedway Mini4 Pro Highlights:
– The many technologies packed into this light-weight but powerful Scooter make it the ideal choice for buyers looking for a practical high-performing Scooter
– Motor Power/speed: powerful 500W motor & 48V electrical system, the Mini4 has the power to propel you up most inclines. Top-end cruising speed is a phenomenal 28mph!
– Range: depending on speed, weight, terrain, a rider can achieve up to 40 miles thanks to the enormous 748Wh/15.6Ah lithium polymer battery
– Suspension: has three suspension features to provide the highest level of rider comfort. 1) comparatively large 8″ wheels 2) front air tire, cushions handle-bar support from road irregularities, 3) dual rear adjustable springs, articulated hinge
– Electronics: from the dashboard menu you can use cruise-control for maintaining current speed without having to continually apply throttle, change the acceleration mode & much more
– Headlights: the two front-facing headlights mounted on each side of the foot platform throw a powerful beam more than 25 feet in front of you; because installed low to the ground, these will not blind oncoming traffic
– Dimensions, Open: height (adjustable), 46.5″ Max; Length, 40″; width of foot board, 7″; extended handle bar width, 6″
– Dimensions, Folded: height, 13″; Length, 38″; width, folded handle 21″
– Max Rider Weight: 265lb
– Optional Accessories: seat, mounted to foot-board; fast-charger reduces charging cycle from 6-8hrs to just 2hrs, up to 80% SOC
– Trusted brand: Speedway is a Korean company (built in China) who has been making Electric kick-scooters since 1999. The Mini4 Pro is the 4th generation of this model. With the accumulated experience & engineering excellence, represents the current state of the art in Scooter design & construction


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