Qiewa Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scooter 26Ah 48V Lithium Battery With Dual Disk Brakes Max Driving Range Up To 100 Kilometer

•Motor Power:800watts with 26Ah-48V 5C powered lithium battery.
•Max Drive Distance:100KM •Dual shock absorber perfect for 45 design, up to 1 million times the compression rebound.
•Max Drive Speed:55KPH •2Second Quick-Folding •10 inches pneumatic tire and insulation design.
•Double Disk brakes •Usb mobile phone charging function ,IP65 waterproof.
•Brake light •anti the warning •Max Load Weight:250kg/550lbs


Qiewa Q1 Hummer User Reviews

  1. This scooter is ridiculously fast. Even though the wattage on the motor is only 800 it can outperform some 1000W+ scooters. After some research I found the true power is 1100+ watts and it really shows. 35 MPH is the rated max but you should have no problem going a bit more than that.

    It’s also a full sized scooter. The wheels are thick and the standing pad is very roomy. It’s got a full set of lights as well. Which is nice because you never know when you’ll need them. The charger isn’t the greatest, it feels like a cheap replacement charger but works well enough. The scooter itself is built really sturdy. When getting ready for my first ride it felt like a tank.

    So far I haven’t had any problems with it and I absolutely love the speed.

  2. Fantastic acceleration! It’s seriously fast for a scooter. I do think that it’s silly not to have an included tail light or seat… but otherwise pretty happy with my purchase!

  3. So a lot of you are wondering about whether to buy this scooter – myself I did a lot of research – and no one in the UK could provide such a machine – so I had to buy from the Far East and QIEWA. SO to the scooter – its AMAZING – its so well built – heavy and very strong. Lots of questions on SPEED AND DISTANCE – don’t worry – its very fast I hit 30mph on a straight road – Take the seat option and its really comfortable and well built.

  4. Have had a great experience with this scooter for the most part. Met all my expectations. The only thing is that if you get a flat tire you’re pretty screwed… it’s impossible to change them yourself! I had to take it in and pay for someone to do it for me.

  5. Any recommendations on where I can find replacement parts for this scooter? I’m looking for new rear brake suspension and disk brake unit. Any suggestion would be helpful.

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