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With over 2 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads today, the transition to mass electrification is well underway and EVs will soon be driving through your city, if they aren’t already.

European Union Directive 2014/94 on alternative fuels for sustainable mobility in Europe obliges member states to develop national policies in this area. Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia all now offer some form of support to owners or drivers of EVs at local or national levels, further encouraging more EVs and creating lots of work for municipalities to provide the proper infrastructure.

This short report is written for those municipal officials, especially in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The objective is to help them — you — properly prepare your community for the coming mass market of electric vehicles. After reading this paper, you should have an understanding of the practical issues involved in planning and installing EV charging infrastructure and should be ready to to take the next steps.

While the focus is Europe, the vast majority of the report is applicable globally.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines For Cities User Reviews

  1. until you standarize batterys where we can have exchange stations ,like gas stations where you can pull in replace your battery for a fee,they will never catch on gene rupp

  2. Have a site in West Sussex UK on A24 plans drawn close to ready for submission. Scheme to have up to 6 Rapid EV CHARGEPOINTS with Solar/Wind Battery back up together with Coffee Shop and catering seeking interested operators to buy or lease site.

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