Blockchain - An Innovation Enabler for Clean Technology

  • CleanTechnica's first Blockchain report is now published and available for purchase or preview. Written by Michael Barnard, a longtime CleanTechnica contributor and low-carbon technology and policy consultant.

    Why should you read the Blockchain — An Innovation Enabler for Clean Technology report? Barnard explains how blockchain’s attributes make it particularly well suited to cleantech’s needs. Blockchains are a form of distributed ledger. They are heavily decentralized, with identical copies of the ledger residing on many independent computers around the world. Those computers cross-validate blocks of transactions and agree to add them to the ledger, making blockchains especially secure against corruption. This low-cost, flexible, scalable software — and the smart contracts and transactions it supports — can empower utilities, grid operators, major corporations, communities, and everyday energy prosumers like you and me.

    Read a preview of the report for free [PDF].

    Buy the full report for $10.

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