The FREERIDE E-SM is significantly more than just an electric enduro with road tires. It is the first motorcycle in a completely new motorcycle class, which allows virtually noiseless and emission-free short-distance transport at maximum driving pleasure. The FREERIDE E-XC differs from the FREERIDE E-XC, among other things, with smaller wheels and extremely well-adherent tires (practical slicks), a longer transmission ratio for higher speeds and a chassis that is designed for the intended purpose Is adjusted. A 300-volt battery drives a brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor that can provide up to 16 kW of power for short strokes and is a powerful driving package. The lithium-ion battery charged with 2.6 kWh allows up to one hour of maximum electrical power. Intelligent power electronics, which have been perfectly designed for the overall package, ensures that the spontaneous performance of the machine is easily controllable. The high-torque electric motor is connected to a transmission with only one gear and without a gear. As a result, both switching operations and the actuation of the clutch become superfluous.

100% Electric

KTM Freeride E-SM User Reviews

  1. The E-SM’s price is just so high, at something like £10,599 from what I’ve seen… It must be one hell of a ride to live up to all the hype!

  2. Honestly loved giving the Freeride a test run – it’s a blast to ride – but it would have to have much better range if I were ever going to commit to buying one. A full battery will really only last you for about an hour.

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