PRODECOTECH v4 OUTLAW 1200Y 48V 1200W 9 Speed Electric Bicycle -12Ah Li ion

-1200 Watt motor with a 48v 12ah battery
-Top speed 28mph
-18-30 mile range
-Great SRAM and Hydraulic Bike components
-Most Powerful Ebike in the industry

Introducing the power-house of the ProdecoTech line of electric bikes, and one of the most powerful and durable mountain bikes on the market. The Outlaw 1200 is a limited edition release of the Outlaw series that’s equipped with top tier components and loads of power to take on any terrain. The motor on this Outlaw is upgraded with a 1200 Watt motor, which is the most powerful motor available in the ProdecoTech line-up, and is paired with a 48Volt 12ah LiFePO4 battery that gets you up to speeds of 28mph. The insane amount of torque from this motor needs to be paired with Avid Guide 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes for performance braking ability. The fork is upgraded to a RockShox Boxxer suspension, and Continental Trail King tires give you amazing traction and grip. It’s available in 2 colors, Yellow with black components and red with white components. Only 150 of each will be built, make sure to get yours!

ProdecoTech OUTLAW 1200Y User Reviews

  1. If you’ve never ridden an e-bike before, have some caution when you first give it a go. I completely biffed it on my first ride! However, since then I am very impressed by the Prodeco Outlaw 1200. I use it mostly on trails and it provides the perfect amounts of power and handling that make it lots and lots of fun to ride. Again, you just have to adjust to the amount of power it can kick out!

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