ProdecoTech 29 mph OUTLAW 1200R v 4.0 Red/Gloss Electric Bicycle by ProdecoTech

-ProdecoTech 29 mph OUTLAW 1200R v 4.0 Red/Gloss Electric Bicycle

Introducing the power-house of the ProdecoTech line of electric bikes, and one of the most powerful and durable mountain bikes on the market. The Outlaw 1200 is a limited edition release of the Outlaw series that’s equipped with top tier components and loads of power to take on any terrain. The motor on this Outlaw is upgraded with a 1200 Watt motor, which is the most powerful motor available in the ProdecoTech line-up, and is paired with a 48Volt 12ah LiFePO4 battery that gets you up to speeds of 28mph. The insane amount of torque from this motor needs to be paired with 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes for performance braking ability. The fork is upgraded to a RockShox Boxxer suspension, and Continental Trail King tires give you amazing traction and grip. It’s available in 2 colors, Yellow with black components and red with white components. Only 150 of each will be built, make sure to get yours!

ProdecoTech OUTLAW 1200R User Reviews

  1. I’ve enjoyed my Outlaw for the most part. It’s simple and straightforward to use and the battery lasts quite a long time per charge. My main issue is that the bike is rather unstable. Since buying mine, I’ve done more research and it is apparently due to the geometry and positioning of the battery pack. It doesn’t make a major difference in my day to day use of the bike, but I do wish I’d had this information before purchasing!

  2. Love this bike so far! Have only had it for about a week, but have been using it for both commuting as well as sport. I bought it in red (which we all know is a faster color, hehe) and am totally zipping past all the other bikers. So fun! Highly recommend checking it out. Will update if anything changes performance-wise!

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