ORKAN Floding E-Bike 7 Speeds Floding Electric Bike 250W Electric Suspension Montain Bike 36V / 1.8A 26”

FREE ASSEMBLY SERVICE: When purchasing this e bike, click on the “Select Assembly Preference” button above, choose “Ship to store for assembly and pickup” or “At-home assembly by mobile professional”. Please click “Learn more” for futher information.
Premium Quality: AL-6061 Aerospace grade aluminum 26” folding frame. Suitable for people who have 4.8” – 6.2” Total weight: 60LBs. (Battery weight 5LBs). High strength & lightweight & Durable & no Deformation & Easy to storage. Weight capacity: 250LBs.
Various Riding Modes: Offering 3 riding modes to address your travel needs: Pure electric / Electric power steering / Pure manpower. 7-Speed: Always provide the Speed which you want.
High-performance Battery: A 250-watt motor & 36v battery that charges in 2.5 hours. Up to 40 miles per charge. Also easy to ride without motor assist.
Eco-friendly: 100% Electric Power. Absolute Emissions Free. Save your energy & Protect the environment.

Product description

NOTE: The FREE ASSEMBLY SERVICE is provided by Amazon. If this service accidentally failed, we are not able to pay your extra cost for the assemble. Please ready the detail pages carefully.

Product Description:

Why choose us:
Simple & Fashionable
Size: 26″. With adjustable seat. Perfect for teenager & adult.
Comfortable & Durable
AL6061 folding frame
Disc brake system alllow the bike to stop quickly
lightweight & flexible, not easily loose
Achieved fast and easy folding
6 Months Warranty
Flexible Seat
Strictly according to ergonomic design,making it soft and comfortable as well as great heat dissipation
Rear hub motor
Suspension front fork
suspension effect is obvious,saving more efforts in climbing and long-distance riding
Brightness just right,NOT dazzling but full lighting.Night riding more secure
High strength & lightweight. Durable, no Deformation
Advanced motor technology, more lasting and power saving
Comfort character and adjustable

Technical Details:

250 Watts
Amps: 6.6 Amp Circuit
36 Volts
LI-ION battery:
Up to 22 to 40 miles per charge
Various riding modes:
Offering 3 riding modes to address your travel needs:
Pure electric / Electric power steering / Pure manpower

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ORKAN 26” Folding E-Bike User Reviews

  1. Not totally amazing, but a decent bike nonetheless. I use this bike for my daily commute. It’s affordable and I like that it folds up. I’ve had a little bit of trouble with the handlebars, so keep an eye on that. I’d also recommend replacing the seat if you’re going on longer rides, as it’s not very comfortable.

  2. Very happy with my purchase. This is my second electric bike and I like it more than my first. It’s easy to handle but still has a nice power kick to it. Make sure you have a bike kit at home for the initial set up, but after that you shouldn’t have any problems. I did have one minor issue, but the customer service was on point and made resolving it super easy.

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