Jetson Adventure Electric Bike, Various Colors

-250 watt motor
-36 Volt Lithium Ion battery
-9 level pedal assist

Product description

Further & faster. This is where the new Jetson adventure will take you. With the appearance of a normal bicycle, the Jetson adventure has an integrated hub motor that will help you as you pedal along. Built-in sensors will calculate the effort you are putting into the bike and match it, by sending that power to the motor to help you on your way! a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the motor as well as the built-in headlight system. One of the lightest weight e-bikes on the market, the Jetson adventure is still easy to ride even without motor assistance. Front shock suspension, shock-absorbing seat post and disc-brakes ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain, road or trail. So what are you waiting forget out there.

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike User Reviews

  1. Initially loved the bike, but had multiple issues down the line with a broken power button and other various malfunctions. Customer service was practically useless — would not recommend this product!

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