Jetson Rose Electric Bike for Adults – Unisex Design for Men and Women – Includes Removable, Rechargeable Battery and Mounted LCD Screen Computer – Black Color
Gun Metal

-350 watt motor
-36 Volt Lithium Ion battery
-5 level pedal assist

Product description

Further & faster. This is where the new Jetson electric rose will take you. With the appearance of a normal bicycle, the Jetson electric rose has an integrated hub motor that will help you as you pedal along. A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the motor as well as the built-in headlight system. One of the lightest weight e-bikes on the market, the Jetson electric rose is still easy to ride even without motor assistance. Front shock suspension, shock-absorbing seat post and disc-brakes ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain, road or trail. So what are you waiting forget out there.

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