Leviton EVB40-PST Evr-Green 400 EV Charger, 40-Amp, Surface Mount, 25-Foot Cord, Requires 50Amp Circuit


Leviton’s Evr-Green 400 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The Leviton Evr-Green 400 Charging Station is the first UL listed charging station that can provide up to 40 amps continuous at 240 volts AC (9.6 kW output) to deliver a fast charging experience for any SAE J1772 compatible plug-in electric vehicle. The modern design, enhanced convenience features, integrated connector dock, and 25-foot charging cable make the Evr-Green 400 ideal for residential or light commercial applications.

The Evr-Green 400 EVB40-PST is used for surface mount receptacle installations – where the electrical box is mounted to the surface of the wall.


The electrical component of the Leviton Evr-Green 400 electric vehicle charging station is housed in a durable weatherproof, watertight, dust-tight, and corrosion-resistant enclosure made of powder-coated steel. The enclosure is then housed in a heavy-duty thermoplastic cover, providing a modern design esthetic. The charging station can be cord and plug connected or hard-wired to your electrical panel. The compact physical design of the charging station takes up a minimum amount of wall space.

The charging station incorporates multiple levels of safety for the user, the vehicle, and the charging equipment. The simple one-button interface is extremely user-friendly, and upon plugging the car into the charging station, a self-test occurs that will ensure the unit is working properly. The integrated communication system verifies correct connections before charging can begin, and the auto-restart feature enables charging to restart following a minor fault. Status indicator LED lights alert you to the power, charging, and fault status, and the 25-foot charge connector cord length makes it convenient to reach your vehicles charging port.


Leviton is the preferred choice of Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Ford plug in vehicles. Our charging stations are used in over 3,000 dealerships and 11 different vehicles. In addition the Evr-Green 300 is compatible with the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Tesla Model S and many other electric vehicles. The Evr-Green 300 electric vehicle charging station is compatible with all Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772, NEC 625, UL 2231 and UL 2594.


  • Compatible with all Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772 NEC 625, UL 2231 and UL 2594
  • Tool-less, “non-permanent” installation also makes it easier to remove and replace or take with you in the event you move
  • The industry exclusive 40A Charging Station will optimize the charge time for vehicles with onboard chargers larger than 6.6kW
  • Enclosure is rated NEMA Type 4 Watertight – this rating applies to hard-wired applications only
  • Industry leading 3-year limited warranty
  • Input plug on the bottom for surface mount applications
  • Preferred EVSE supplier for the Toyota RAV4 EV


24 months