Schneider Electric’s EVlink indoor charging station offers the perfect combination of user friendly features with a modern, customizable design. The charger’s small footprint and mountable cable holder allow for maximum installation flexibility. In addition, you can personalize your charger by creating your own free custom skin.

The EVlink indoor charging station includes a unique delay feature, helping you save money and minimize your impact on the grid. The intuitive LED display not only allows you to control your charging, but makes it easy to identify if the vehicle is charging, and how long it has charged.
Available with 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW or 22kW charging power.

Weight: 18.6 pounds
Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 9.5 x 4.4 inches
Mounting: Wall, indoor
Cable: 25 ft
Charging speed: 240V,30A (more in germany)
Installation: hardwired

24 months
EVLINK/Schneider Electric

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EVlink Wallbox User Reviews

  1. I wasn’t sure when I first bought the EVlink Wallbox that it would be capable enough to charge my Ford Fusion Energi, but it’s done the trick! I was able to do the installation myself, without any problems, and it’s very easy to use. Overall a good charger.

  2. I had ours installed by an electrician and it went very smoothly. We’ve only had it for a few months now but are very impressed with the functionality. Only thing I’d recommend is getting the 25′ cord unit instead of the 18’, which we got. It’s just slightly too short.

  3. Love the EVlink wallbox. Have had for several years now and still works like a charm. One of the best features IMO is the delay charging option so that you can take advantage of cheaper energy at night. Five stars!

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