ClipperCreeks LCS charging stations come in a veriety of power levels, as hardwired or plug-in units, and with the option of wall or pedestal mounting. Recent additions to the LCS product line include the LCS-30, a charging station that now allows electric vehicle owners to take full advantage of the power available through their existing 30A circuits.
Available with 3.8 – 5.8 kW charging power.

Weight: 5.2 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 4 inches
Mounting: Wall or Pedestal, indoor and outdoor
Cable: 25 ft
Charging speed: 240V, 16-30A
Installation: hardwired or plug-in, with NEMA 6-50, 14-30 or 14-50


LCS-20P, 240V, 16A, 14-30 Plug    $395.00

LCS-20, 240A, 16A     $379.00

LCS-25, 240V, 20 A     $469.00

LCS-25P, 240V, 20A, 14-30 Plug     $485.00

LCS-30, 240V, 24A     $499.00

LCS-30P, 240V, 24A, 14-30 Plug     $515.00

LCS-30P, 240V, 24A, 14-50 Plug     $515.00

36 months

ClipperCreek LCS Series User Reviews

  1. It’s all a charging station needs to be and only $400. In my opinion it’s really a wonderful product. The installation is not complicated at all and is very easy for any electrician to set up. Most of it is already together in the box and the station is a lot smaller then it looks in the pictures. The cable is super long and its so nice not to worry about parking too far.

    If you’re used to the generic 110v the 240v upgrade really makes a big difference. The charge speed is so nice and inexpensive compared to other options. So far it’s there’s really no complaints about it. It just goes to show you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a well made product.

  2. Easy to set up, does the job, and the price is right! It charges my Chevy Volt twice as fast as my previous charger. Could do with a light though…

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