While the e-up! has an impressive turn of speed and its 93 mile range is decent, it’s somewhat handicapped by its price: after government grants are taken into account, the e-up! costs about £20,000 – over twice as much as a petrol-powered up!. The e-up! makes up for this slightly with generous levels of equipment, including heated front seats, climate control, touchscreen sat-nav, automatic emergency braking and cruise control, but it’s still expensive. Read the full review here.


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160 mi


Volkswagen e-up! User Reviews

  1. A cute city car that feels quite a bit like a “normal” car and doesn’t thrill in any particular area, but does get the job done about as well as anything else in its price range. Several options for regenerative braking may be a plus for people sharing the car with a spouse/kid, or for people who like to play with the driving options in different scenarios. The interior plastics are somewhat dominant and overwhelming, making the car feel cheaper than a LEAF or Zoe. Seating and navigation weren’t ideal for me, but I could live with them if the wife preferred the e-Up! over competing models. (Note: she didn’t.)

    Full review: http://evobsession.com/volkswagen-e-review-full-review-test-drive-videos/

  2. A great city car. Instant acceleration, comfortable, and relaxingly silent. Braking isn’t very smooth, but to be expected with an EV. It’s pretty expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

  3. Anyone already familiar with VW will find the e-up very familiar, as not a whole lot is different from original Volkswagen designs other than it’s electric. It’s super fun to drive, especially because of the instant torque. Love having different driving modes to conserve energy whenever possible. The cars range is perfect for my day to day errands and such, but if you drive longer distances then maybe look elsewhere. All in all a great purchase.

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