The new generation of electrically-powered smart models are available not only as a two-seat but also as a four-seater. With the smart forfour electric drive all doors are open: you can share your pass with up to three riders.

Energy for 4
Compact as a smart and spacious as a four-seater. The new smart forfour electric drive offers plenty of space and a new form of mobility. Fully electric, full of fun and with enough range for all walks through the city. And this is only 3.49 m in length.

Electricity consumption (combined): 13.1 kWh / 100km, CO2 emissions (combined): 0 g / km.

Now available in Germany.
Arriving this summer in the UK market.

Read more on CleanTechnica here!

160 mi


Smart ForFour User Reviews

  1. I honestly wasn’t buying that the car would be roomy enough for four. Before seeing it for myself I was sure we’d be like a group of clowns stuffed into the cabin with our noses pressed to the windows. Suffice it to say I was wrong! Very comfortable and
    spacious–even for someone like me with very long legs. I only took it for a test spin, but really loved the feel of driving a small car with a tight turning radius. Like I said, I normally stay away from small cars for fear of being cramped, but the Smart ForFour
    has won me over.

  2. Great car for your average city commuter. Roomy and fun to drive. However, if you’re looking for top-notch acceleration I’d look at a mini cooper instead.

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