The Mitsubishi i (aka Mitsubishi i-MiEV) is one of the most basic electric cars on the market, but also one of the cheapest. As noted below, the Citröen C-Zero, Peugeot iOn, and Mitsubishi i all have essentially the same design but serve different markets.


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100 mi

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Mitsubishi i MiEV User Reviews

  1. Great for start and stop traffic. It’s a bit quirky though. The range and acceleration aren’t amazing, and the interior looks pretty dated and a bit cheap. But for the price, why not?

  2. I love my i-MiEV! It’s smooth, quick, and dependable. It’s the perfect car for a commuter. I take it everyday to work. It’s nice and compact, which is great for traffic, but it still has enough room for four people without feeling cramped. In my experience the range has been great, though I don’t live far from my work. I’d definitely recommend!

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