Called the GLE550e 4Matic, this new model adopts the same system used by the S500e plug-in hybrid. This translates to a 328hp (333PS) 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine matted to a 114hp (116PS) electric motor for a combined output of 436hp (442PS) and 650Nm. GLE550e offers four driving modes for the hybrid system – E-Mode, E-Save, Charge, and Hybrid — with the electric engine itself integrated between the 7-speed automatic 7G-Tronic Plus gearbox and the combustion engine. Charging from a special Mercedes wall box takes around two hours but you can also use the petrol engine as a generator via the Charge mode. The lithium-ion battery placed under the boot floor (or should we say on top of it, as it creates an unpleasant prominent area) is manufactured by Magna and has a 8,7 kWh capacity. From a normal outlet, the car is ready to go and fully charged in 4,1 hours.


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