the Kia Soul EV — which was recently updated to receive a slightly larger battery pack and slightly improved range, thanks to a new 31.8 kWh battery pack. Here are the core specs for the newest iteration of the model via the US EPA:

  • 18.8 cubic feet of cargo space
  • 81.4 kW (109 horsepower)
  • 210 pound-feet of torque
  • 108 MPGe (124/93)
  • 111 miles (179 km) of range per full charge


Check out our one-article review of the Kia Soul EV and a long-term review from a new owner.

111 mi

(incentive )

Kia Soul EV User Reviews

  1. Very satisfied with our Kia Soul EV. It’s refreshing to drive an SUV with zero emissions and zero guilt. It’s also pretty affordable as far as an EV SUV goes, but again it’s totally worth every penny. Haven’t had any issues or complaints. The only thing that might put
    people off is that the range isn’t as great as some other EVs on the market. But really that hasn’t bothered us at all… For the distances we drive in our commutes and errands it’s been absolutely great. Would recommend.

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