The Ford Focus Electric is Ford’s only 100%-electric car. The car compares in many regards to the top-selling Nissan Leaf, but it also has some disadvantages in terms of cargo space, interior design, and range. The Focus Electric is more broadly available than many compliance cars, but it still isn’t as easy to find as a Nissan LEAF or BMW i3.

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115 mi

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Ford Focus Electric User Reviews

  1. The Ford Focus Electric 2017 is definitely an improvement, as the battery charges much quicker than before. While the battery is still the same size, Ford was able to increase the range by upgrading to a 40-percent energy dense battery instead. It’s definitely annoying that the battery takes up cargo space, but I’m still very happy with it overall. I like the features that let you check the car’s charge remotely, schedule charging, and find nearby charging stations. Those are super helpful, especially since those can be the most frustrating aspects of owning an electric car.

  2. I love my Ford Fous EV. It’s dependable with a good performance and a nice range. I do think that they need to redesign the cargo bay, but personally I don’t need a lot of space so it hasn’t affected me at all. Highly recommend to anyone looking to switch to an all electric vehicle.

  3. I’m just not impressed with Ford’s efforts here. It’s their only battery electric car on sale and it’s honestly not competitive with other electric cars on the market. What are they thinking?

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