The Fiat 500e has gotten great reviews. However, the head of Fiat apparently hates electric cars (I know, crazy) and is only producing the 500e in extremely limited quantities for a couple of states (basically, because it has to in order to sell cars in California). Hopefully the cute electric car will someday soon be available to a broader market. With its relatively low price, good reviews, and cool styling, it could give some of the top-selling electric cars on the market a run for their market. Read my full review of the Fiat 500e.


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Fiat 500e User Reviews

  1. Sporty, cute, fun. But very space limited, even in the front seats. Navigation reminiscent of the first Mario Bros., but the navigation in EVs at a similar price isn’t much better/different. If you just have a bag/backpack/groceries to throw in the back most of the time, and don’t need to shuffle kids or colleagues from place to place more than once in a blue moon, this may be your #1 option … if you live in California or Oregon, the only places it’s sold.

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  2. Not very roomy, but otherwise I love it. I don’t need much space anyway, but if you’re looking for a family car this isn’t the one for you. It’s amazing in all other respects and pretty affordable. Would definitely recommend to a young college student or someone who doesn’t mind the cozy feel.

  3. Very fun to drive, except for the cramped interior! Took it on a test spin and it’s definitely perfect for a city dweller. Zero emissions, super quiet, can fit just about anywhere. But that’s the thing… not quite enough room for the humans inside! The range is also a bit lower than I’m looking for in an EV.

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