The new BMW 2-series Active Tourer 225xe is the smallest of Munich’s now five-strong plug-in hybrid range. All combine a petrol combustion engine with an electric motor and a battery pack that can be plugged in to a charge point or domestic socket, granting pure electric drive for limited periods.
In the Active Tourer, the 1.5L mill produces 136PS (134hp) and 220Nm (162 lb-ft) of torque, driving the front wheels via a six-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, while an 88PS (87hp) electric motor is integrated into the rear axle. Together, the two drive systems produce a combined 224PS (221hp) and 385Nm (284 lb-ft) of peak torque.
The cool thing about BMW’s system is that it can power the front, rear or all four wheels, depending on the drive mode. When using both, the 225xe can accelerate to 100km/h (62mph) in 6.7 seconds and top out at 202km/h (126mph).

41 mi


BMW 225xe User Reviews

  1. Good if you have a short commute. Very economical. Nice interior, though I don’t like the light feel of the steering wheel. Otherwise no complaints.

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