Wind turbine syndrome: a communicated disease (Public and Social Policy)

In Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease, Simon Chapman and Fiona Crichton explore the claims and tactics of the anti-windfarm movement, examine the scientific evidence, and consider how best to respond to anti-windfarm arguments. This is an eye-opening account of the rise of the anti-windfarm movement, and a timely call for a more evidence-based approach.

About the Author

Simon Chapman is professor emeritus of public health at the University of Sydney. In 2013 he was made an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) for his contributions to public health. Fiona Crichton recently completed her PhD in psychological medicine at the University of Auckland.

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Simon Chapman and Fiona Crichton

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Wind turbine syndrome User Reviews

  1. Honestly, I myself was anti-windfarm before someone turned me on to this book. The author is very clear and uses various methods of explanation as to why wind energy can be so important. I liked the fact based approaches. Would recommend to anyone with doubts regarding wind farms.

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