Energy Alternatives (Opposing Viewpoints)

“[This book] examines whether or not alternative energy sources can replace fossil fuels and if the benefits of wind power outweigh its disadvantages. This volume also debates the practicality of utility-scale solar power as a practical alternative energy source as well as the advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy in general.”–Publisher’s web site.

Renewables and their challenges
Alternative Energy
Sylvia Engdahl

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Energy Alternatives User Reviews

  1. Just finished this book and and am feeling, dare I say, ‘energized’! It provides great insight into the various discussions surrounding renewables, something we should all be discussing with great urgency! I have recommended this book to all of my family and friends and felt compelled to leave a comment here as well urging everyone to read it.

  2. I appreciate that this book discusses opposing viewpoints, as there is such a huge debate going on around these topics. This is something that has to be addressed and not tiptoed around.

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