xStorage Home is designed to be the most reliable and affordable energy storage solution on the market today. xStorage Home combines second-life Nissan Leaf battery modules with Eaton power quality technology and electronics. It’s simple to install and use.When connected to your residential power supply and/or renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the unit helps save money on electricity bills. It does this by charging up when renewable energy is available or energy is cheaper (i.e. during the night) and releasing that stored energy when demand and costs are high. If your home is equipped with solar technology you can power it using clean energy stored in your xStorage Home system. The financial rewards are obvious, as it helps you avoid expensive daytime energy tariffs. xStorage Home also acts as a back-up source – ensuring that the lights never go out. This is a huge advantage at a time when the energy grid is coming under enormous strain. In some countries you can also generate additional revenues by selling stored energy back to the grid when demand and costs are high.

4.2 - 9.6kWh
Lithium ion

Others batteries by Nissan/Eaton

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