VARTA pulse

Step into the future.

Our starter all-in-one system delivers a compact and handy solution – and with its space-saving wall attachment it fits ideally in your home.

With VARTA pulse everyone can become an energy supplier on attractive conditions and with top VARTA quality.

VARTA pulse is our attractive entry-level storage solution. It is perfect for all those who want to bundle high energy density in small or medium-sized premises, such as an apartment or a family house. Available in two classes (3.3 kWh and 6.5 kWh), this model prevails through its safety, reliability, easy mounting and a compact size. Attached to the wall it does not take much space and is practically invisible. Through Plug & Play, our wall-mounted energy storage is instantly ready-to-use and can be combined with all renewable energy sources.

  • High capacity in terms of size in the class below 8 kWh
  • Easy installation: installed in 30 minutes
  • Two capacities: 3.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh
  • Ultra low standby: 1.4 W
  • Rapid speed of regulation
  • VARTA Pulse can be cascaded: Up to 5 VARTA pulses can be connected by a VARTA link
  • Made in Germany – developed and produced in Nördlingen
  • Basic design in combination with top quality
  • Compact all-in-system – battery inverter integrated
3.3 kWh or 6.5 kWhkWh