VARTA flex storage

Customized for commercial applications: Our flex storage solutions.
Large and yet flexible – this motto always counts with energy storage. VARTA flex storage offers the right solution for all who are looking for a modular system. Depending on the application – whether for storage projects in industry, business or agriculture – the system can be customized. The performance and capacity are cascadable. The energy storage units are configured with modern lithium-ion cells, which are optimized for the respective applications
VARTA flex storage P
  • Cycle stability due to high C-Rate
  • Storage device operation through multiple applications
  • High-quality: use of industrial components with high service life and high reliability
VARTA flex storage E
  • High energy density
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Multi-level security concept
75 kWh to 750 kWh (>1 MWh)kWh
Lithium-iron phosphate