The SONY Fortelion is the energy storage system for residential usage by SONY. It is equipped with SONY Olivine lithium-ion iron phosphate battery modules, each having a backup power capacity of 1.2 kWh. By combining up to 16 battery modules, the system’s capacity can be enlarged to a maximum of 19.2 kWh. The SONY Fortelion has an expected service life of 20 years. Each battery modules costs €1,215.38. The smallest complete Sony Fortelion energy storage system comprises 4 battery modules (4.8 kWh) and is available for €6,612.00.

1.2 - 19.2kWh
Lithium-ion iron-phosphate

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SONY Fortelion User Reviews

  1. Nothing but good things to say about the Sony Fortelion battery. It does exactly what it’s supposed to and having a home storage unit has paid off in so many different ways. A big factor in the decision making while we were looking to buy a home battery was the potential life span… and we were sold on the 20 year service life of this one. With such an expensive investment, it’s nice to be sure you’ll get your money’s worth!

  2. Five stars. Very happy with the Sony Fortelion. Works well and was a good investment for our family. The purchase is especially worth it when you look at the service life of 20 years.

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