The Powerwall from Tesla is a home battery that is suitable for daily cycling usage. With its lithium-ion battery, it’s offering a variety of backup electricity supply solutions, ranging from night usage to emergency backup to going off the grid completely. Each Powerwall has an energy storage capacity of 6.4 kWh. Homes with greater energy needs can install multiple batteries to enlarge the storage capacity and cover their consumption. The price for the Powerwall is around $3000, including a 10 year-guarantee.

Lithium ion

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Powerwall User Reviews

  1. A beautiful redesign from Tesla. More compact, simpler, easier to install, and can be mounted on either the ground or the wall. With the brilliant liquid cooling system, the battery is also able to function in a variety of temperatures with better performance and a longer lifespan than most other batteries. Honestly, such a no brainer if you’re in the market for a battery.

  2. I know it’s controversial to argue with anything Tesla-made, but I really think that the Orison tower sounds like a better option… It doesn’t need installation and is much less expensive. I will admit, I don’t own either. Anyone want to fill me in on the actual day-to-day pros & cons of either?

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