Smart power on demand. Powered by Panasonic Li-ion technology

Harbor is the most powerful and flexible smart battery available to homeowners today. Pika’s Harbor has enough power, capacity and capability to help customers save money through time of use programs and self supply, while also serving backup duty.

Harbor not only features more capacity and power than other smart batteries, it has unique performance characteristics that set it apart as well. Thanks to our battery’s “black-start” capability, Harbor is an ideal choice for backup duty. If the battery is ever completely drained, it can restart the system using solar power alone, without the help of the grid. This capability cannot be replicated with AC coupled batteries.

Harbor smart batteries couple directly to the Pika Islanding Inverter without any efficiency-robbing intermediate hardware. This pairing allows the battery to be used for time-of-use optimization, demand charge management and even zero-export applications.

The Harbor Flex™ is powered by four Panasonic Li-ion modules. The Harbor Plus is powered by six Panasonic Li-ion modules. The Harbor Flex can be upgraded to a Harbor Plus  with the addition of two battery modules, unlocking greater power and capacity.


  • Resilience – Black-start capability and giant capacity for extended outages
  • Self-supply – Switch to 100% solar power when you install a Harbor Smart Battery
  • Time of Use – Automatically optimize your energy consumption and take advantage of new time of use rate structures
  • Zero Export – Produce and use your own solar energy, even when net-metering or feed-in is not an option



  • Long Lasting –Up to 17.1kWh of storage capacity in a surprisingly small footprint means that you can power your home with solar 24/7
  • Powerful – Up to 10kW of instantaneous, real backup power ensures that you lose nothing when the grid goes down
  • Flexible – A single battery can take on cost-saving and backup power roles simultaneously
  • Efficient – DC coupled design eliminates needless and lossy power conversions common in other systems
up to 20.3kWh
Pika Energy
Lithium-iron phosphate