Orison Panel is designed to be mounted as an aesthetic display on any indoor wall in your home or business. Orison’s mobile app gives you the comfort of having control over your usage and access to energy. Set the LED’s on your Orison to natural white, or choose from 16 million colors to light your room. With custom covers, Orison can be used as an art piece, but at 2.5 in, it can also be easily hidden. Orison is expandable through supplemental panels. The more units you add, the more resilient your power. The more units you have, the more resilient your power becomes. If you have a large demand on a single circuit, you can expand your storage capacity on that circuit by plugging one or more Orison Panel+ into the Orison Panel. You can add up to five Panel+ units to an Orison Panel device for a maximum storage capacity of 13.2kWh per main device.

2,2 kWh-13,2 kWhkWh
Lithium ion

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Orison Panel User Reviews

  1. Not Yet available, but according to the website it should appear in late 2018. Should be user install-able, which should be a great advantage for renters and other on time-of-use tariffs.
    Rating is based on vapor-value, which might be very good.

  2. For a while my neighborhood experienced quite frequent power outages, which was a nightmare all around. We invested in the Orison Panel for our home and if we ever do have an outage, it can power our fridge for several days if need be! It’s also just so great to have that back up, it’s such a genius idea in today’s day and age.

  3. Is this product available in Pakistan? Or can you ship one or two pieces. What about complete details about its functionality?
    Please reply. Thanks in advance.

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