MyReserve 500 is the residential battery system by SOLARWATT. With its lithium-ion battery, it offers backup power capacity for the consumption of self-generated electricity. MyReserve 500 is available in different sizes, starting with the standard 4.4 kWh capacity, optimized for 10 to 13 modules. The battery’s capacity can be enlarged by 2.2 kWh steps to up to 11 kWh. Besides the MyReserce 500, SOLARWATT offers an extended energy storage solution – the MyReserve 800 – optimized for 14 to 18 modules, with a maximum capacity of 8.8 kWh. Both home batteries have a service life of 4,100 cycles or 10 years and are available to a price from 5,499€ up, without installation costs.

2.2 - 11kWh
Lithium ion

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