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The past week and a half was not the busiest for cleantech news, but it did include some big cleantech fireworks. Where to start?

Let's start with the biggest (volume wise) and most obvious: Tesla had another record quarter, which also meant a big year that climbed closer to a million sales than many thought possible. I put together 7 charts highlighting the company's strong rise, and also revealed how CleanTechnica forecasts turned out (hint: very well). Here are a few of the charts from those articles:

Stepping away from Tesla, two of the biggest stories of the past week and a half had to be stories about the most popular and 3rd most popular vehicle models in the USA — the Ford F-Series and the Chevy Silverado. The big dog, the F-150, has an electric version coming soon (the Lightning), and Ford CEO Jim Farley tweeted that demand is so high for the electric pickup truck that Ford is now planning to produce 150,000 a year rather than 40,000 a year. A Ford spokesperson responded to CleanTechnica to clarify that Ford aims to hit a production run rate of 150,000/year in mid-2023. GM, meanwhile, just revealed its Chevy Silverado EV earlier today — and it looks hot.

Sucker as I am for EV sales reports, it was exciting to see EVs hit 15% of European vehicle sales and also see José Pontes' superb global EV sales report. At a smaller scale, France hit a stunning 23.7% plugin vehicle share in Q4 2021 (BEVs alone 8.4%) and Norway continued to lead the world with 86.2% plugin vehicle share in 2021 (64.5% BEV share). Additionally, XPeng reached ~100,000 EV sales in 2021, quite a feat for such a young company.

I also enjoyed the history of the famous Blue Marble and its many offspring.

As my most recent article about Waymo indicates, I was also impressed with the new Waymo–Geely/Zeekr partnership. It seems that may be a sign that Waymo is ready to usher in a new era of its development and deployment.

Last but not least, I found it shocking and uplifting that Moscow (Russia) just reached 1,000 electric buses in its transit fleet — after only three years of EV procurement.

Those are the stories that interested me the most, but what about the 10 most popular stories on CleanTechnica last week? ...

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