CleanTechnica Top 10: Ford Dealer Horror Story, SpinLaunch’s Hopes & Issues

It's been a special week in much of the world, and there was plenty of good cleantech news as well. The 10 stories most popular on CleanTechnica are on the bottom of this article, but first ... let's look at some of my favorites (or don't do so and just skip to the bottom if that's your style). Below are 15 top stories of the week on CleanTechnica, in my humble opinion.

FedEx has ordered 500 BrightDrop electric delivery vehicles, and the first 5 were just delivered. It's a start!

I spent a lot of time working on our latest US Electricity Generation Report, and I think it's a ton of fun looking at the numbers in this sector and crunching them to see solar and wind power's growth. Join in the fun and read the full report (which isn't too long).

Steve Hanley wrote a great little op-ed on the spirit of Christmas, the cleantech connection, and what we all can do. I highly recommend it.

I love reading a good EV review and I love Steve Hanley's humor and articles, so his review of his new Tesla Model Y on a road trip is certainly a top recommendation.

As I've said before, I'm always a sucker for an EV sales report, and this week we had them for Italy and China.

We had some good solar power news a few days ago as well. "The Biden administration has approved two big solar projects on federal land in Riverside, California, with a third nearing full endorsement. The three solar farms in the California desert would generate enough electricity to power about 132,000 homes, or produce about 1,000 megawatts, with a cost of around $689 million to build. These installations are part of the Biden-Harris administration’s 'all-of-government approach toward its ambitious renewable energy goals,' according to Secretary Deb Haaland, which include 'historic investments in boosting climate resiliency, advancing clean energy projects, and replacing aging infrastructure.'"

The Queensland Department of Energy and Public Works manages the fleet of vehicles used by the state government, and it is going electric. There were 122 electric vehicles in the "QFleet" as of November 5, while 144 of them were expected to be in the fleet as of this month. Its next target is 288 by December 2022.

From the global auto giant based in Wolfsburg, this sounds exciting: "Volkswagen says it will be the first high volume manufacturer to offer its customers a universal, seamless ecosystem for charging their electric cars. Called We Charge, it will offer higher performance, convenience, and sustainability with new charging solutions for home and mobile charging, new functions for the company’s ID. branded models, and bidirectional charging."

I can't say it was enjoyable, but it was interesting and noteworthy to see the story of a Ford Mustang Mach-E buyer who struggled almost unbelievably with the dealer that sold her the SUV.

Jo Borras put together a fantabulous and exhaustive list of electric bike producers. Check it out!

This pedal-powered camper van is just too cute to skip.

Utilities and policymakers are holding back renewable energy in the United States, and John Farrell has the receipts.

European subsidies for burning wood pellets (biomass) are counterproductive, and they also wreak havoc on the health of some Americans.

The biggest battery company you've never heard of seems to be Gotion (unless you happened to hear of them before this), and it will apparently supply one large American automaker with 200 GWh of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries between 2023 and 2028. Hmm, who is this mystery buyer!?

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