US Electric Vehicle Sales By Quarter (2018–2021)

Talking or writing about electric vehicles, we typically try to keep context in mind and add useful context whenever possible. One thing specifically that I often feel compelled to explain, because of how important it is for market context, is that Tesla is in a league of its own in the United States (and, to some degree, globally). The point is not — at all — to hype Tesla. The point is just to explain that this is a dramatically unbalanced market and there are reasons for that (there have to be reasons for that). I recently published a report comparing Q1 2021 sales of a dozen electric vehicles in the United States. In the comments, a reader, "nitpicker357" (may not be his/her real-world name), requested a historical US EV sales chart. I thought that would be fun to see and would really help to provide some historical sales context visually, so I got to work on it.

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