Navina Pernsteiner

Munich-based startup Sono Motors are the first company to create a solar-powered electric car – the Sion. The series of solar cells mounted to the car’s exterior allow for an additional 30km of range on top of the 250km supplied by the battery. Each vehicle will cost €16,000, and they will be in production by 2019. Pretty good going for a company that only really got going in 2016 when it was co-founded by Navina, Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians. Navina brought the concept of design to the table, spurring the name and logo to life. Navina also pushed through their hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, and has inarguably helped to make Sono Motors a future player in the German electric car market. That seemed impossible just 12 months ago.

Location: Munich

Age: 28