Max Viessmann

As the Digital Director of the international heating system manufacturer Viessmann, Max Viessmann is tasked with charting the illustrious family company’s journey in this digital age. For a company that has been an economic success for more than a century and has a revenue in the billions, this is not a simple task. As our world becomes increasingly digitised, large companies frequently need to embrace and adapt to the change lest they get oustripped by new startups and disruptors. Max Viessmann has ensuring that the company stays on top, not only by investing in new startups and businesses, but also by making sure the digitisation process is integrated with all of the employees and members of the company. The company has firmly integrated sustainability and decarbonisation into its culture and actions – and plans to be a leading force in the generations to come.

Location: Munich

Age: 28

Twitter: @MaxViessmann